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TAOE is set in the biggest city, Haven, of the Isle of Man, an island reserved for those the government deems 'imperfect'. Sexual orientation, gender expression, mental and physical health, intelligence, your willingness to cooperate... It all leads up to your ultimate downfall, the one that brings you to the doors of Haven. The weather is harsh, the streets are filthy, and most of the inhabitants live in poverty, fighting for sport and profit, and joining gangs to get by. It's a tough life, that in Haven, but hey; someone has to be a scapegoat.

But little does the government know, there's something about the Isle of Man that changes its inhabitants. They call it the Flux, and it's quite the phenomenon, leaving people who were once only usual in spirit or body, now unusual in ability. It's like a power, one that can come suddenly, or over time, or even not at all. It all depends, person to person, and is, for whatever reason, all based around the citizen's personality. Whether you're Pure or Imperfect, you have a chance of being blessed, or cursed.

Yet, through this rejection and hardship this is where home lies, and this is your chance to make it so.


The Authority is in place to protect us. They serve us to the best of their ability, they protect the citizens of this country until their very last dying breath. Long ago was a time where there was no peace. War raged upon the land, death and destruction ravaged the people, destroyed their homes, split them apart into chaos. In their desperation for control over the anarchy and disarray, the Authority stepped into their ranks, unannounced, unwelcome at first. This did not last.
They lured the people into their grasp with the promise of peace and prosperity, a vow to food, the end of crime and violence. Of course, the good, the bad and the ugly wanted in on this pledge, and many started taking advantage of the system. Like leeches they sucked, squeezed what they could of the government, to the point where there was general alarm, the populace began to notice! And thus began the weeding.
At first it was but criminals, the worst of the worst, all raided and plucked from the public eye, sent away to an undisclosed location for the safety of the country. But their haul through time grew in size; illness causes panic, those who are sick must be put somewhere else, disability, lest it be mental or physical, leads to voids in the community, gender should be a norm of two, no more no less, and those who do not confirm are to be re-educated or removed... the list for their demands grew longer and more elaborate.

Soon, correctional and holding facilities for these so dubbed Imperfects were so overcrowded you might as well akin them to cans of sardines. The Authority realized they needed a different strategy to keep these people from their Pure society.

They found an island, abandoned from times past, a city crumbling from within. The Isle of Man, reclaiming the city as their own they called it Haven in order to mask the true atrocity behind their Elisium.

This was sixty years ago. We are now the year 2021, three generations into Haven's rebirth.




By the By

AHOY MATEYS, this is your friendly neighborhood By peeking her face through the blinds and saying hello~! Been at this RPing thing since I was just a WEE LASS and man if I've come this far I must like it eh? Currently known as your local thread hoarder and one of the admins of TAOE! We've all been working ultra hard on this site so I hope it fills all the little cackles of your writing hearts~
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Guess what! By's a dirty liar. ​I​ bite. I go right for the jugular, every time. My name's Jonah, I'm a cute little baby boy, and I've been at this writing biz for about three years now. I'm not completely dead inside, but boy, am I on my way there! I'm a lean mean posting machine, and I like to just eat chocolate frosting sometimes. I just eat it. Right out of the thing. Give me your love.



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TAOE is set in the biggest city, Haven, of the Isle of Man, an island reserved for those the government deems 'imperfect'. Sexual orientation, gender expression, mental and physical health, intelligence, your willingness to cooperate... It all leads up to your ultimate downfall, the one that brings you to the doors of Haven. The weather is harsh, the streets are filthy, and most of the inhabitants live in poverty, fighting for sport and profit, and joining gangs to get by. It's a tough life, that in Haven, but hey; someone has to be a scapegoat.

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 Gangs & Jobs
By the By
 Posted: Sep 1 2015, 10:42 AM
24 Years. Female. Is everywhere. Kingfish. As straight as they get. Application. Shipper.
As played by: Top dog

If you join a gang, respect what the gang is all about. Don't join the Sentinels if you're a mass murderer, that wont work, etc. Members have the chance to make their own gangs! If a member approaches with four other members who have a character that wants to start a new gang, contact one of the Admins and they will be more then happy to add the gang to the site! You'll need to clearly describe what it is they're all about as well as the requirements to join them and send that to the admins!
One leader per person, if you want your character to have that position you can only have one!

Regards; ByTheBy

Just as their name entails, Sentinel is an organized gang established for the sole purpose of guarding those who cannot do so themselves. They ultimately serve as a force of justice upon the Isle of Man and strive to create order where there is none, to bring about a sense of security in a world that has fallen into chaos. In otherwords, the members of Sentinel are self-appointed vigilantes who take the law into their own hands to do what must be done for the greater good. They protect the innocent, defend the weak, and watch over the people to the best of their ability. However, with that being said, even though the group of selected protectors may be considered by most as heroes known for their selfless acts, Sentinel is still a force to be reckoned with.

They are both firm in their beliefs and are fierce guardians who will do everything in their power to put an end to the evil that has corrupted their home. If that means risking their lives and sacrificing themselves for the cause, then they will readily do so. Individuals of Sentinel generally have characteristics that revolve around bravery, courage, and kindness and most are in possession of a good moral compass. They do not use unnecessary violence, but at the same time know that violence needs to be used when the situation calls for it and are prepared to use it without hesitation. Overall, Sentinel members are loyal to the cause and unified in their goals to preserve innocent lives and cease the uprising of villains. The gang itself is a tight-knit community, and aside from keeping the civilians around them safe, they make certain to do the same for each other.

Now, in terms of who is permitted to become part of these creed of vigilantes is a process that Sentinel is rather open-minded about. Most anyone is free to join their ranks. The group simply requires that interested members be completely dedicated to the cause and share the same views and ideals as their own. One, however, cannot merely waltz into their community and request to join. Instead, an already existing member must be approached in order to bring in anyone who wishes to be recruited. Although, there on some occasions when the gang may catch sight of strangers with particular skill and a good deal of promise. If that happens, they often will go out of their way to approach the individual themselves in the hopes of convincing them to become a fellow Sentinel.

Captains - Leaders of the group.
Lieutenants - Work closely with captains, organize objectives and coordinate group.
Drill Sergeants - Train new and seasoned recruits.
Corporals - In teams of two corporals, lead and care for a squad of privates.
Privates - Your average Sentinel member.

Regards; ByTheBy

When it comes to The Brats, their name just about says it all. They are a group of badly behaved young adults, ranging from ages 18-25. They are more often than not fresh out of the foster system and told that they are left to their own devices. At that age, they are still very impressionable and are wanting to cling on to anything that they can consider a family, or at least, some what of a semblance of a family. And that is exactly what the Brats consider themselves, a family. However, considering the fact that the majority of them have never had a proper family, they are a bit on the dysfunctional side.

They enjoy being mischievous, getting into a heap of trouble just because they can. They are the type of group that likes getting the attention, but they are clever enough to not get caught. The Brats have a habit of picking on others. They enjoy good old fashion pranks that keep people guessing. They are really quite creative and have no problem defacing public property. Everyone knows that The Brats are behind it, but they can never seem to catch them in the act. When it comes to getting involved in this group of miscreants and delinquents, one must be between the ages of 18 and 25. No older, no younger. They must also prove themselves to be worthy and diligent of messing with others. For the most part, one either has to run into a group of them and join in on the hooligan behavior, or they must pull off quite the prank and have one of the group be witness to it.

Jokers - Master pranksters, lead and judge group based on their coups.
Aces - They're the ones that can talk, help cover Joker's tracks, help lead and coordinate group.
Kings/Queens - Organize pranks, set up of playing field.
Jacks - Are there for security purposes, make sure none of their gang members get injured.
Suits - Your average Brat Member.

Regards; ByTheBy

If the Sentinels are the Good and the Brats are the Bad, then the Empire is the seriously, seriously ugly. Of course there's a great number of people who get dropped off onto the Isle of man being perfectly innocent, aside from their so called "disadvantage”; however, others are far, far from innocent, and oftentimes, the Empire is where they find themselves.

The organization wasn’t always one. In fact, they've only been in business as one horrible entity within the last five years or so. Before this all started, they worked separately, Skin, Roman and Said each running their own tidbit of the underground; Skin had made his home in the Sindicate, where it was all too easy to have a couple of girls ready to sell themselves for some extra money; Roman was more than adept at obtaining and selling drugs to those who wanted it most; and Said? Well, Said was the kinda guy you called when someone owed you a sum of some kind, persay, or if you had an enemy you wanted dead. Eventually, Skin decided to call up a meeting between the three of them, and he suggested both a truce and a business plan. The three of them would join forces in what was to be a connected series of crime rings, combining their specialties, and splitting the profits three ways.

You can easily tell an Empire member through one simple action; if you can get close enough without getting bitten or something, check the back of their neck. You’ll see a crown, branded deep into the skin like an awful tattoo, right where the neck meets the shoulders. It’s a rite of passage; to truly be a part of the gang, there’s initiation, as well as the tattoo. For initiation, you must pull through three ‘jobs’ of your chosen field; say, for instance, you’re working under Roman. Push three successful drug deals, get your tattoo, and you’re in. However, you’re also in for life; so make sure that this is the kind of thing you really want to dedicate your life to.

Since the Empire is separated into three sections, each run by its own leader, you'll need to convince one of the big bads if you want to join. The trick is here to impress them in some way. Your age, gender, sexual orientation, status doesn't matter to them, no. So long as you can prove yourself worthy of working amongst them, and keep up that reputation, you can stay. Talk to either Roman, Jonah or By and we will see where your character would be placed!

Emperors - The big and the bad.
Grand Dukes/Duchesses - Work directly below Emperors, are assistants, speak for them, organize meetings, etc.
Earls - Recruiters, judge members and can decrease or augment rank. Also tasked to rid of members no longer valuable.
Barons - Organize average members, aka security.
Esquire - Middlemen, odd jobs, average member of Empire

Regards; ByTheBy

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