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We're all here to have a good time! So kick back, write loads, and have fun~! Make some friends! Like, for instance, Steve Buscemi, who also happens to be the password that you need to send to an admin via PM in order to get accepted. ;)



TAOE is set in the biggest city, Haven, of the Isle of Man, an island reserved for those the government deems 'imperfect'. Sexual orientation, gender expression, mental and physical health, intelligence, your willingness to cooperate... It all leads up to your ultimate downfall, the one that brings you to the doors of Haven. The weather is harsh, the streets are filthy, and most of the inhabitants live in poverty, fighting for sport and profit, and joining gangs to get by. It's a tough life, that in Haven, but hey; someone has to be a scapegoat.

But little does the government know, there's something about the Isle of Man that changes its inhabitants. They call it the Flux, and it's quite the phenomenon, leaving people who were once only usual in spirit or body, now unusual in ability. It's like a power, one that can come suddenly, or over time, or even not at all. It all depends, person to person, and is, for whatever reason, all based around the citizen's personality. Whether you're Pure or Imperfect, you have a chance of being blessed, or cursed.

Yet, through this rejection and hardship this is where home lies, and this is your chance to make it so.


The Authority is in place to protect us. They serve us to the best of their ability, they protect the citizens of this country until their very last dying breath. Long ago was a time where there was no peace. War raged upon the land, death and destruction ravaged the people, destroyed their homes, split them apart into chaos. In their desperation for control over the anarchy and disarray, the Authority stepped into their ranks, unannounced, unwelcome at first. This did not last.
They lured the people into their grasp with the promise of peace and prosperity, a vow to food, the end of crime and violence. Of course, the good, the bad and the ugly wanted in on this pledge, and many started taking advantage of the system. Like leeches they sucked, squeezed what they could of the government, to the point where there was general alarm, the populace began to notice! And thus began the weeding.
At first it was but criminals, the worst of the worst, all raided and plucked from the public eye, sent away to an undisclosed location for the safety of the country. But their haul through time grew in size; illness causes panic, those who are sick must be put somewhere else, disability, lest it be mental or physical, leads to voids in the community, gender should be a norm of two, no more no less, and those who do not confirm are to be re-educated or removed... the list for their demands grew longer and more elaborate.

Soon, correctional and holding facilities for these so dubbed Imperfects were so overcrowded you might as well akin them to cans of sardines. The Authority realized they needed a different strategy to keep these people from their Pure society.

They found an island, abandoned from times past, a city crumbling from within. The Isle of Man, reclaiming the city as their own they called it Haven in order to mask the true atrocity behind their Elisium.

This was sixty years ago. We are now the year 2021, three generations into Haven's rebirth.




By the By

AHOY MATEYS, this is your friendly neighborhood By peeking her face through the blinds and saying hello~! Been at this RPing thing since I was just a WEE LASS and man if I've come this far I must like it eh? Currently known as your local thread hoarder and one of the admins of TAOE! We've all been working ultra hard on this site so I hope it fills all the little cackles of your writing hearts~
pssttt don't be shy, none of us bite, promise. 8D



Guess what! By's a dirty liar. ​I​ bite. I go right for the jugular, every time. My name's Jonah, I'm a cute little baby boy, and I've been at this writing biz for about three years now. I'm not completely dead inside, but boy, am I on my way there! I'm a lean mean posting machine, and I like to just eat chocolate frosting sometimes. I just eat it. Right out of the thing. Give me your love.



I’m a die hard potterhead, metal head, and coffee addict. I have four dogs, two chihuahuas named Tali and Liara, a pitbull named Surri Dog, and an American Staffordshire Terrier named Norma Jean. I’m a bit of a crazy dog lady, but I’m okay with it.



Yo, I'm Roman! I'm a little noodle who wears too much black with hair as red as a fire truck. I am a firm believer in the power of art, and one day I hope to free all the animals from Sea World while Fall out Boy's "Folie à Deux" album plays in the background. I'm always open to talk about anything from plotting to personal life, so don't hesitate to hit me up! Happy writing!



Hi guys, I'm AngelRayne, you can either call me Angel, Rayne, or some variation, just let me know my name and I'll respond! Anyways I'm the site's official cuddler/snuggler. So if you ever need a hug/cuddle/snuggle let me know and I will drown you in cuddles. And as you may have guessed, YOU'RE ALL ​​MINE​​!



Greetings fellow earthlings! The name's Grace, and I'm the resident ninja and Queen of typos here. But aside from that, I'm just your typical random oddball who's into K-pop, watching anime, and loves shoving her face into books.... Well, not really. I just love to read x3 Anywho I've been doing this whole roleplaying thang since way back in 2008 and it's safe to say that I've become addicted. So why not come and be addicts with us all? Okay, yeah. That's a weird way to put it. Just join us pretty please~? We're nice peeps, I swear!



Omg, I get to type and say hi to you guys! Like, what?! Hehe, hi there, most of you know me from our time elsewhere together, but for anyone who came after I left on the old site: hello. My name is Yuno, or fully "YunoTheNinetales." I picked up coding about a year ago, a little more by now, and honestly I love it. Beyond just the coding itself, though, I love helping other people figure it out. So, seriously, if you ever want some help coding something, learning how to do it, or simply fixing a bug that you cant find; feel free to hit me with a PM~!. You're also more than welcome to make requests on my CTTW Bird House. Love you all, happy posting! -Regards; Yuno


01/02/2016 - Happy birthday to Monkey the Hamster! He just turned two, which is very impressive for a creature of his size. Congratulate him for this brand new chapter of his life!

01/03/2016 - Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and happy birthday to Grace~! We all love you, and we hope you get everything you want, as well as love, hugs, smothers and COOKIES. Yes. We love you. <3

11/22/2015 - Merry Christmas to everyone! Yuno has created a new site skin as a Christmas gift. Love you all and hope you like it! any questions or comments, please contact Yuno via a PM for assistance. Always happy to help!


09/15/2015 - Got some new ads you can spread the good word with, check 'em out!

09/01/2015 - We are now officially open!
In loving memory of Kaityn Rayne.

Whether you're new or old to this community, one person we have always got to remember is out loving friend Kaityn Rayne. She was a very creative and great person, easy to talk to and always there. Anyone who knew Kaityn knows just how nice she was.

For a lot of us, she was the first person to speak to us and welcome us to the community. As of the 28th of June she has no longer been with us. It's a very sad thing, although Kaityn was the kind of person who wouldn't want us to be upset with her not being here. That being said, in her honor we are working hard to write amazing new stories. Her memory will always be with us. Kaityn, we love you. ♥

TAOE is set in the biggest city, Haven, of the Isle of Man, an island reserved for those the government deems 'imperfect'. Sexual orientation, gender expression, mental and physical health, intelligence, your willingness to cooperate... It all leads up to your ultimate downfall, the one that brings you to the doors of Haven. The weather is harsh, the streets are filthy, and most of the inhabitants live in poverty, fighting for sport and profit, and joining gangs to get by. It's a tough life, that in Haven, but hey; someone has to be a scapegoat.

Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
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No New Posts Announcements
Any site updates, announcements and news will go here!

1 0 Jun 20 2016, 10:40 PM
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By: YunoTheNine
No New Posts Applications & Templates
Place your application in the corresponding section: meaning unfinished go in the unfinished section! You'll find the application template along with other site defaults in this section! Thanks.

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14 0 Dec 15 2016, 07:43 PM
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By: Vera Oryol
No New Posts Claims
Here's the place for all your claims to go! Face claim, gang position claim, the member directory, all of them will be found here, and are to be filled out ONLY after your acceptance!

3 5 Sep 24 2016, 11:59 AM
In: Face Claims
By: Jacqueline Bennett
No New Posts The Filing Cabinet
The Filing Cabinet is where all of our accepted applications can be found. Feel free to look through and get a feel for the characters we already have in our fine city.

Subforums: Pure, Imperfect

28 26 Sep 24 2016, 11:05 AM
In: Jacqueline M. Bennett
By: By the By
No New Posts Plotting
Plot pages can be found here! One forum will be issued per member, and once you've gotten that, you can go ahead and post your characters within it!

Subforums: Plotters, Event plotting, Wanted!

14 59 Dec 28 2016, 10:11 AM
In: Look Into My Eyes!
By: Alexis Lockhart

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No New Posts Site Events
One morning, early as can be, a boat floats into the docks of Haven. Dawn has just broken through the horizon, promising heat and humidity, promising one heck of a hot day, once again, as it always has. The boats that usually roll into the harbor are full of imperfects, those deemed to be doomed and rot upon the shores of the Isle of man, but not today. Today it seems to be packed to the brim with... younger people it seems, ranging between kindergarten to the end years of high school. What is happening? What could these children be doing here, and with their educators no less... and chaperones?
You ask around, poke noses into their conversations as they walk by you, not a single one of those children daring to make eye contact with you... and that's when you find out; they're on a field trip, to learn about The Imperfects and how they live. You've become the next attraction, serving as an animal in this zoo of a city, an example of how not to be.

You are these children's lessons in life, of what happens to you when you are not Pure.

2 1 Jul 5 2016, 11:22 PM
In: This is all part of the deal
By: Serena Geoffrey-Rødulfr
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No New Posts Headquarters
Spanning the width of the bay, this building serves as the working and living environment for the Pures upon the Isle of Man, as well as a dam to control carrier traffic. The building is several stories high and is one the biggest building around. It being so wide within the center there is a long stretch which is considered the courtyard, where Pures can go out without fear of being bothered by civilians. Here no Imperfects can be found, the front gates are highly guarded, and this area is off limits.

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No New Posts Hospital
Created by the Authority as a training grounds for doctors to come perfect their skills, this building comprises of the most high tech medical equipment available to Elisium. Rooms are separated into sections depending on the need of the patient and their treatment with mostly sound proof walls so not to disturb the patients that are resting. Scientists and professors alike have no qualms both treating and performing research on patients, for the betterment of mankind as well as to satisfy the curiosity of if an impure can be fixed.

4 23 Jan 3 2017, 04:02 PM
In: I Met Someone By Accident
By: Vincent Evers
No New Posts The Docks
These docks are massive, made to hold carriers from Elisium transporting hundreds of Imperfects unto their new homes. Don’t try and sneak on though in hopes of returning back to Elisium, stow-aways are always caught, and they are never heard from again. Every morning on the edge of the docks truck sized holographic billboard displays an array of jobs Imperfects can sign up for to gain extra income. First come first serve, you snooze you loose!

1 10 Jan 9 2016, 12:15 AM
In: I stand at Death's Door
By: Vincent Evers
No New Posts The Wall
The wall that separates the Imperfects from the Pures is of monumental proportions; fifty feet in height, decorated with towers where spotlights allow the watchers to keep an eye on things. It is impenetrable and no Imperfects have ever been able to breach this concrete facade, though it has been defaced with graffiti. Those that get too close to close to the wall, or have been known to defile the wall, much like the Imperfects at the docks, have a habit of disappearing and never heard from again.

1 5 Oct 28 2016, 10:48 AM
In: Reading is Dreaming
By: Nirvasull Dolarhyde

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No New Posts Broadcast Station
A tower adorned with a crown of powerful megaphones, this spire pierces the sky, its four faces giant screens to display broadcast video. Announcements happen at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, but they can happen more often if the Pures feel the need to broadcast breaking news. It is said to be so loud that its very frame rattles with every announcement, producing an ominous hum which can be felt for many yards through the ground. A few even claim that if you are close enough that you can feel the vibrations through your bones.

2 9 Dec 5 2016, 11:45 PM
In: Feel it in Your Bones
By: Stella Logan
No New Posts Park
Rundown and now reduced to a much more bleak state than what it once was years ago, the park has long since been reclaimed by the wild plants that have overgrown the area. A fountain sits at the center that no longer works. Swing sets, monkey-bars, teeter-totters, a slide and a few benches, can be found there as well. For the most part it’s completely abandoned but it’s a fairly popular hangout for teens or the more adventurous children that aren’t deterred by the plant’s activity.

3 39 Jan 14 2017, 07:52 PM
In: Crooked Youth
By: Jacqueline Bennett
No New Posts Ruins
The ruins are in the city center, mostly occupied by old skyscrapers that block the most of sunlight from the streets. The area is the number one hangout for gang members, and has become and citizens who cannot afford proper housing. Gang fights are very likely to break out over any little thing from just someone looking at another person wrong to territory and drugs. It's incredibly dangerous, even the Watchers won’t venture here without good reason, so it's recommended that steer clear.

Subforums: The Pits

2 24 Jun 24 2016, 10:09 PM
In: Show Me the Way
By: Kaeneus Antle

Collapse   North End
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No New Posts Housing
Too poor of a district for anything but housing, the low-income apartment complexes and shotgun homes here are shoddy and run-down, the cheapest you can get around the city. It also happens to be where you can find the Foster Strip, street 18, affectionately dubbed "Sesame Street", a row of houses where minors who have been relocated are sent to live.

Subforums: 1 - 10, 11 - 20, 21 - 30

7 90 Jan 3 2017, 03:21 PM
In: Is there a Doctor in the Ho...
By: Fjord Geoffrey-Rødulfr

Collapse   South End
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Recreation Center
The Recreational Center is where people go to enjoy themselves... to their best ability. One of the most protected places for Imperfects on the Isle it is mostly overseen by the Sentinel group. They do their to provide Imperfects with games to play such as board games, card games, arcade games (if the machine wants to work), to organize sporting events with friends, or you could even come here to just enjoy the positive atmosphere around you.

1 5 Oct 22 2015, 12:57 AM
In: Heavy on the Shoulders
By: Maddison Fox
No New Posts Sindicate
Dubbed by most as "The Sindicate," this entire street is dedicated to the more pleasurable of vices. Whether one is looking for a place to enjoy themselves among clubs or drowning away their sorrows in the many bars, the street has plenty to offer to anyone who visits. At nighttime, the area only seems to become even livelier with an almost Mardi Gras atmosphere. Just be careful on who hooks you up, or you might really lose your soul as payment for your momentary pleasures.

7 59 Dec 29 2016, 11:32 PM
In: The Darkness is My Lullaby
By: Rafael Lasco
No New Posts Housing
Welcome to the unofficial middle class housing. In the South End it is at least a touch better than that of its North counterpart. The area is cleaner, with functioning houses and apartments, less risk of stabbing, and even a few children. It's a fantastic place to call home, even if it is still small and unappealing. Not to mention the few pickpockets that seem to have taken up these streets as well, as long as you don’t walk to close to anyone your belongings should be safe enough though!

1 23 Jun 2 2016, 09:07 AM
In: In The Aftermath
By: Rafael Lasco

Collapse   East End
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts The Market
The Market is a busy place— tents of food as far as the eye can see, keep your expectations low and your nose plugged. Most of the food sold are scraps sent from Elisium, ranging from stale bread to mushy fruit and the occasional fuzzy blocks of cheese. Rarely, something that might actually resemble real food will appear, but it’s usually snapped up by the top dogs of the gangs. Keep your heart hard and your wit about you as well though, because there are beggars, usually children, that will follow you around with no end if they think you will give them just a morsel of food.

1 4 Aug 9 2016, 03:27 PM
In: An Apple A Day...
By: Alexis Lockhart
No New Posts The Mall
Generally overcrowded with large amounts of people on a daily basis, The Mall has fallen prey to old age, crappy conditions just the same as everything else that surrounds it. Various merchandise can be bought on the two levels of the huge building. It is not uncommon to spot merchants themselves spread throughout selling their goods. Did I mention there are escalators too? Note: they don't actually work though, so if you were hoping to ride your way up and down, think again.

2 5 Jan 14 2017, 07:21 PM
In: My Luck's Running Out
By: Jacqueline Bennett
No New Posts Wright Square
Much like the rest of the city, Wright’s Square is pretty run down. The air smells thick of grease and burning metal in this part of town, and most of the people that work here often walk out covered head to toe in coal, dirt, and grease. This is where one could find the carpenters, riggers, welders, and anything else industrious that they may need. From twilight on till dark it turns into mostly a trading center though so if you want something, make sure you have something they want, they’ve been known to be picky!

3 25 Dec 28 2016, 06:22 AM
In: Lock Your Doors
By: Alexis Lockhart
No New Posts Housing
Here we find the best homes available on the market that money could buy. The East End of town contains actual houses that most find quite cozy, along with apartments without bodies in the dumpsters, or any disgusting types of critters wishing to make a home alongside the human occupants. It's actually a nice place to live, if it weren't for the prices on the monthly rent, that most of our citizens, unfortunately, cannot afford. But hey, if you can? Congratz!

4 52 Oct 27 2016, 08:29 AM
In: Sweet nothings.
By: Fjord Geoffrey-Rødulfr

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Tunnels
The maker of these series of tunnels is unknown, but rumor is that they've been around since the beginning of the Isle. Some of the first residents tried to dig a route into the wall, an escape completely off the Isle no one knows for sure. Either way the underground passages are put to good use. The black market is situated here, conducted out of sight, but there's a price for using the tunnels. There are rumors that something lurks in the darkness, no one knows what it is, but it is always on the prowl from the shadows, watching and waiting.

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No New Posts Beyond
The Beyond in and of itself, is a main factor in helping to keep the people inside the city of Haven, because outside the walls, there is nothing but seemingly impossible terrain: large jungles with dangerous creatures, deadly deserts where life is scarce for as long as the eye can see, to freezing mountains that will chill you to your core in mere hours, and dense forested areas. The majority of citizens choose to remain inside Haven due to it being safer and that fact that anyone who's ever ventured out, has never come back.

2 19 Jan 3 2017, 01:14 PM
In: Remember remember.
By: Said Logan
No New Posts Elisium
The true utopian society, the grass is always at its greenest and the land is never to hot or to cold. Elisium runs on a mix of pure, clean, renewable energy sources and urban life is in balance with nature. Animal and plant species are protected and care for and every citizen does their job with a perfection that most could only dream about. But this perfection comes at a very deep cost, and perhaps perfection is not quite as perfect as it seems?

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Collapse   AU Board
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts AU Board
Here you can come along with all your AU Plot ideas and write them up! If anyone has any ideas that they wish to have a Forum made for let one of the admins know and they will make it for you! It will be your responsibility to moderate it as well.

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No New Posts Member Lounge
Kick back, relax! Introduce yourselves, post your art, this section is for you, members!

Subforums: Meet & Greet, Art Gallery, Suggestions, Away/Hiatus

13 7 Jan 15 2017, 12:14 AM
In: Italicized "Ugh"
By: Roman
No New Posts Advertising

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By: The Bard
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