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TAOE is set in the biggest city, Haven, of the Isle of Man, an island reserved for those the government deems 'imperfect'. Sexual orientation, gender expression, mental and physical health, intelligence, your willingness to cooperate... It all leads up to your ultimate downfall, the one that brings you to the doors of Haven. The weather is harsh, the streets are filthy, and most of the inhabitants live in poverty, fighting for sport and profit, and joining gangs to get by. It's a tough life, that in Haven, but hey; someone has to be a scapegoat.

But little does the government know, there's something about the Isle of Man that changes its inhabitants. They call it the Flux, and it's quite the phenomenon, leaving people who were once only usual in spirit or body, now unusual in ability. It's like a power, one that can come suddenly, or over time, or even not at all. It all depends, person to person, and is, for whatever reason, all based around the citizen's personality. Whether you're Pure or Imperfect, you have a chance of being blessed, or cursed.

Yet, through this rejection and hardship this is where home lies, and this is your chance to make it so.


The Authority is in place to protect us. They serve us to the best of their ability, they protect the citizens of this country until their very last dying breath. Long ago was a time where there was no peace. War raged upon the land, death and destruction ravaged the people, destroyed their homes, split them apart into chaos. In their desperation for control over the anarchy and disarray, the Authority stepped into their ranks, unannounced, unwelcome at first. This did not last.
They lured the people into their grasp with the promise of peace and prosperity, a vow to food, the end of crime and violence. Of course, the good, the bad and the ugly wanted in on this pledge, and many started taking advantage of the system. Like leeches they sucked, squeezed what they could of the government, to the point where there was general alarm, the populace began to notice! And thus began the weeding.
At first it was but criminals, the worst of the worst, all raided and plucked from the public eye, sent away to an undisclosed location for the safety of the country. But their haul through time grew in size; illness causes panic, those who are sick must be put somewhere else, disability, lest it be mental or physical, leads to voids in the community, gender should be a norm of two, no more no less, and those who do not confirm are to be re-educated or removed... the list for their demands grew longer and more elaborate.

Soon, correctional and holding facilities for these so dubbed Imperfects were so overcrowded you might as well akin them to cans of sardines. The Authority realized they needed a different strategy to keep these people from their Pure society.

They found an island, abandoned from times past, a city crumbling from within. The Isle of Man, reclaiming the city as their own they called it Haven in order to mask the true atrocity behind their Elisium.

This was sixty years ago. We are now the year 2021, three generations into Haven's rebirth.




By the By

AHOY MATEYS, this is your friendly neighborhood By peeking her face through the blinds and saying hello~! Been at this RPing thing since I was just a WEE LASS and man if I've come this far I must like it eh? Currently known as your local thread hoarder and one of the admins of TAOE! We've all been working ultra hard on this site so I hope it fills all the little cackles of your writing hearts~
pssttt don't be shy, none of us bite, promise. 8D



Guess what! By's a dirty liar. ​I​ bite. I go right for the jugular, every time. My name's Jonah, I'm a cute little baby boy, and I've been at this writing biz for about three years now. I'm not completely dead inside, but boy, am I on my way there! I'm a lean mean posting machine, and I like to just eat chocolate frosting sometimes. I just eat it. Right out of the thing. Give me your love.



I’m a die hard potterhead, metal head, and coffee addict. I have four dogs, two chihuahuas named Tali and Liara, a pitbull named Surri Dog, and an American Staffordshire Terrier named Norma Jean. I’m a bit of a crazy dog lady, but I’m okay with it.



Yo, I'm Roman! I'm a little noodle who wears too much black with hair as red as a fire truck. I am a firm believer in the power of art, and one day I hope to free all the animals from Sea World while Fall out Boy's "Folie à Deux" album plays in the background. I'm always open to talk about anything from plotting to personal life, so don't hesitate to hit me up! Happy writing!



Hi guys, I'm AngelRayne, you can either call me Angel, Rayne, or some variation, just let me know my name and I'll respond! Anyways I'm the site's official cuddler/snuggler. So if you ever need a hug/cuddle/snuggle let me know and I will drown you in cuddles. And as you may have guessed, YOU'RE ALL ​​MINE​​!



Greetings fellow earthlings! The name's Grace, and I'm the resident ninja and Queen of typos here. But aside from that, I'm just your typical random oddball who's into K-pop, watching anime, and loves shoving her face into books.... Well, not really. I just love to read x3 Anywho I've been doing this whole roleplaying thang since way back in 2008 and it's safe to say that I've become addicted. So why not come and be addicts with us all? Okay, yeah. That's a weird way to put it. Just join us pretty please~? We're nice peeps, I swear!



Omg, I get to type and say hi to you guys! Like, what?! Hehe, hi there, most of you know me from our time elsewhere together, but for anyone who came after I left on the old site: hello. My name is Yuno, or fully "YunoTheNinetales." I picked up coding about a year ago, a little more by now, and honestly I love it. Beyond just the coding itself, though, I love helping other people figure it out. So, seriously, if you ever want some help coding something, learning how to do it, or simply fixing a bug that you cant find; feel free to hit me with a PM~!. You're also more than welcome to make requests on my CTTW Bird House. Love you all, happy posting! -Regards; Yuno


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In loving memory of Kaityn Rayne.

Whether you're new or old to this community, one person we have always got to remember is out loving friend Kaityn Rayne. She was a very creative and great person, easy to talk to and always there. Anyone who knew Kaityn knows just how nice she was.

For a lot of us, she was the first person to speak to us and welcome us to the community. As of the 28th of June she has no longer been with us. It's a very sad thing, although Kaityn was the kind of person who wouldn't want us to be upset with her not being here. That being said, in her honor we are working hard to write amazing new stories. Her memory will always be with us. Kaityn, we love you. ♥

TAOE is set in the biggest city, Haven, of the Isle of Man, an island reserved for those the government deems 'imperfect'. Sexual orientation, gender expression, mental and physical health, intelligence, your willingness to cooperate... It all leads up to your ultimate downfall, the one that brings you to the doors of Haven. The weather is harsh, the streets are filthy, and most of the inhabitants live in poverty, fighting for sport and profit, and joining gangs to get by. It's a tough life, that in Haven, but hey; someone has to be a scapegoat.

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 Jacqueline M. Bennett
Jacqueline Bennett
 Posted: Sep 24 2016, 02:10 AM
Nineteen Years. Female. Brats. Scavenger. Pansexual. Application. Shipper.
As played by: Cyn

Jacqueline Marie Bennett
as played by Cyn
Nineteen. Female. Brats. Ace. Imperfect.
I remember the first time I started to disappear.

Despite all my wishing, it didn't begin when I was seven and my father put me down in front of the piano and demanded I play again -- yelling about the importance of my hobbies and how I needed something to connect me to the other kids. I was already bored of the instrument simply because he took notice. Dad was always bitching about our image to the point that mom refused to leave the house without combing each blond curl into place. She obsessively plucked over me too, made me feel small and alien compared to everyone else. That was fine. I didn't want to be like them anyway. They thought I was too weird looking with my pale skin and hair. They called me ghost and Casper. Dad couldn't stand the attention that stuck to me like their words.

I didn't begin to disappear at eleven either when my dad hit my mom in front of me for the first time. I remember screwing my eyes shut and praying to be that ghost girl. He had started to grow increasingly paranoid throughout the years, and my mom had become a vessel for the beast we all became while locked up inside and away from prying eyes. He criticized us both often and warned us of those who would take us away if we grew sick, strange, or severe. Mom was losing weight and her porcelain skin started to ashen some time ago, but she still refused to go to the doctor. My dad was pissed off that she neglected herself and pissed off she was ill, so he struck color to her cheek that would put her designer make up to shame.

And I didn't begin to disappear at fifteen even when I truly thought I had grown invisible. Every fiber of my being screamed in reprieve as I concocted this game of unraveling my father by challenging his authority. But for all his sanity I fought to seize, this was a war he meant to win. His physical aggression towards mom waned off as her health continued to decline. Instead, he turned his wrath on me, but in other ways: he completely shut me out. He ignored me and pretended I didn't so much as even exist. We would eat dinner together and he would not so much as bat an eye in my direction. I would enter a room with all the presence of a tornado and he would not flinch, not waver at all. I will never be sure that he didn't completely snap -- knowing that mom was dying and before long, she would be ripped from us and sent off to where ever they send those that don't fit their pristine image of society.

I started to disappear too late, before it could truly do me any good. The first time it happened, I was not entirely convinced I wasn't dying. The air felt thick around me, not pouring into my lungs fast enough as my skin started to tighten. Yes, tighten. I literally started clawing at my arms to relieve the building pressure and that's when I saw it: the sun reflecting back at me, blinding me momentarily as my mind fought to comprehend whatever this was. I held my hands out in front of me, palms up, and stared at the orphanage's ceiling there... Except, it should not have been there. I looked up and saw the same sight.

"Close your eyes, count to ten. Mom is gone. Dad told on you. You're in Haven now. Nine, eight, seven, six..."

"Well, would ya look at that," fat Billy splintered my thoughts as he waddled towards me. He meant to come collect whatever food I had managed to smuggle away from dinner -- again -- but tonight, I was too preoccupied with my self-annihilation to be scared of a porky boy. "Fuck off, Billy," I spat with all the venom I could muster and he still came forward. "I knew there had to be something else wrong with you," he taunted me and I wasn't even afraid. I looked down again at my arms and the room reflected around me, the sun pouring in from the nearby window splintering off in a kaleidoscope of rainbows along the walls. "Freak," he hissed, but I could hear the wonder dancing off his tongue. He charged towards me and I barely moved, but he missed me altogether anyway. His sausage fingers clawed the air like some blind man, groping sloppily as I started to move. I had to weave in and out of the bodies of the other orphans (that's what we were now, they said. We have no family. We are no one. It was said to be a luxury staying here on 'Sesame Street.') They didn't move and I barreled over a few as I made my ascent downstairs. I'm used to being overlooked, but this was different.

Once in the darkness of the basement and out of the sunlight, relief finally came. Claustrophobia no longer had me in a choke hold. I could feel whatever had happened to me begin to ebb away, but exhaustion unlike anything I had ever felt replaced all the terror instead. I was alone and confused, completely out of it. I couldn't remember where I was, who I was, what I was even doing. It was in this state that I managed to make it back upstairs where a majority of the other kids were looking for me. I was greeted again with more teasing and in light of what just happened, I reacted like a caged animal.

The casualties were sparse, as all had survived but not completely unscathed. In my aggression, a girl lost the vision in one of her eyes, another almost lost her ear. Many bodies suffered bruises and scratches whilst attempting to hold me down and when I came to, I never had to hand my dinner over to any of them again.

At eighteen, I stopped wanting to disappear and simply did so. I utilized this ability enough that I felt confident being on my own, so I left the Foster Strip. I started stealing, scavenging, and swindling people out of anything I needed to survive. Un/fortunately, this also landed me in the crosshairs of The Brats. Things could have went worse; I could have messed in another gang's territory, one that was less forgiving and not so impressed with the parlor tricks of invisibility. When they learned what I could do, I sold them on the value of my life. Though my tongue is sharp, my words are silver when I want something badly enough. The idea of pledging myself to a group of misfits was unsettling at first. I had learned to be alone all my life, and in groups, I was always watching my back... But here, there was a depraved sort of togetherness that didn't make me feel like the ghost I'd grown so accustomed to being.

Jac's flux is a spin on invisibility. Once activated, her skin takes on an image of fluidity almost like water. It will reflect her surroundings, throwing out an illusion of invisibility. You can make out where she is if you look close enough, but from one's peripheral vision, she is damn near impossible to see.

She cannot activate the ability in darkness for whatever reason. Afterwards, she struggles with a disorientating sense of detachment that leaves her severally confused and prone to lashing out in anger. The longer she uses her ability, the more debilitating the amnesia.

∞ | EST | She/Her
By the By
 Posted: Sep 24 2016, 11:05 AM
24 Years. Female. Is everywhere. Kingfish. As straight as they get. Application. Shipper.
As played by: Top dog

Congratulations on being accepted! Welcome to our imperfect family, and we look forward to RP with your wonderful character. Please remember to make all related claims to your character as found HERE! Happy posting!

Regards; By

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